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  • Business LinkedIn Profiles
  • Career Direction & Planning
  • LinkedIn Training for Job-Seekers
  • Interview Preparation Training
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Personal Branding
  • How To Change Careers
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Recent Customer Testimonials
  • "After 16 years in the same job my CV was woefully out of date. Ben managed to take what I had and extract additional key information from me, put it all together and turn it into something eye catching, all backed up by facts and figures. The Linked In profile was especially effective, with recruiters constantly contacting me about how they came across my profile and just had to talk to me about what roles they had that might interest me. Sean also provided me a wealth of information on the hiring and interview process, which was incredibly helpful in acquiring my new role."
    Solution Architect Software Architect
    Ashley Perryman
    Solution Architect, Software Architect
    "This was the first time I used the CV writing services. I was so impressed with the prompt and high quality professional services Tess and Ben had provided to me. I am very satisfied with my new CV and will definitely recommend the services to my colleagues and friends."
    Senior IT Project Manager
    "The team is ITCV did great work for me on developing my CV, providing alternative views and clearly describing my strengths. I was very happy with dedication that Garfield showed in understand my experience and career goals and turning out a professional and customize CV, always taking my view in account. He also leveraged his experience and provided a great sounding board for my own idea and how to express them."
    Daniel De Cruz
    Director of Business Development
    "Sean’s CV writing and career coaching service is exceptional! Sean and team have successfully articulated my career in a manner I struggled to achieve. Sean has helped me map a path to where I want my career to head, and having my achievements and competencies clearly highlighted in my CV and LinkedIn profile has enabled me to develop conversations with organisations that I could not achieve previously. I highly recommend ITCV Writers to anyone looking for the next step in their career!"
    Steve Furjanic
    Head of Operations
    "Last month I approached Sean to see what it might cost for me to have my CV updated as it has been about 3 years since I first worked with him. It was great to hear that there was a reduced update fee and that Sean’s business had grown – so much so that he now had an employee with specific education industry experience and also that the task could be completed within a week. Leanne was outstanding in every way. She was knowledgeable about the industry, prompt and courteous with communication and delivered an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile that I am proud to send to prospective employers."
    Stuart Hanrahan
    Head of Sport
    "Using ITCV services for the 2nd time now, just updated my CV after 4 years and very happy about it again. Not just getting my CV and LI right, but also getting great insights about the market and hiring process. Thanks again and we'll definitely be in touch again!"
    Ron Yariv
    Business Development Manager
    "Sean and his team worked diligently and professionally to cater for some tight timeframes that I set for them due to some upcoming travel commitments that I had. I was really pleased with their responsiveness and end result. They challenged my thinking (and memory) to ensure key achievements were captured and represented my true value to prospective employers."
    Tony Timney
    Sales Director
    "ITCV Writers / Ben Wood took my CV , Cover Letter and LinkedIn page from been full of fluffy unmeasurable statements to been concise documents highlighting my skills , experiences and achievements with measurable informative statements. Ben and Sean have also helped me focus on my career goals which had got blurred relating in some bad career decisions. With ITCV help I believe the next job I secure will be the right position for me to thrive professionally."
    Tristin Challinor
    Fashion & Apparel Designer / Developer
How we deliver IT career coaching, LinkedIn and CV services
  • Resume/CV Writing Services
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing Services
  • Cover Letter & Template
  • Interview Preparation Training
  • Career Coaching
  • Career & Recruitment Strategies
The Process
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Complete an online Career Analysis Questionnaire and send your most recent CV.
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1.5 hours of 1:1 career coaching with a specialist Career Coach (Skype or Melbourne CBD). Involves career direction, personal branding and interview preparation training.
Process Icon
Receive a personalised career plan, personal value propositions & questions to ask in interviews. You will also receive six cheat sheets on topics including "how to work with recruiters" and "choosing your employer"
Process Icon
Receive the first CV draft in your IT resume writing service which contains questions addressing any missing information.
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We produce 3-4 drafts before delivering the final version.
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When you are happy with the results, you approve the new CV.
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LinkedIn profile writing services provides a search optimised LinkedIn Profile. Includes how to select the best LinkedIn privacy settings for job-seekers.
Process Icon
Second 1-hour 1:1 career coaching session with a specialist Career Coach. Involves interview preparation training, personal branding and development of your Recruitment and Personal Branding strategies.
Process Icon
Receive a custom-designed Personal Branding Strategy. Learn how to build and communicate a clear personal brand to peers and managers.
Process Icon
Receive a custom-designed Recruitment Strategy showing you how to find opportunities and apply for jobs using personalised scripts, email templates and process maps.
Process Icon
Receive a Job Application Tracking Tool and four cheat sheets on topics including "Effective Questioning" and "Salary Negotations".
Process Icon
Third 1-hour 1:1 career coaching session with your Career Coach. Involves a mock interview and learning how to execute your Recruitment and Personal Branding strategies.
Process Icon
Receive one cover letter customised for a live job you want to apply for.
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Receive one cover letter template in MS Word showing your how to write cover letters yourself.


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