IT Specialist CV’s
and Linkedin Profiles


10. Describe your most valuable/important achievements (relating to the job).

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase 2-3 Situations. Try and keep the Situations recent (last two years) and relevant for the job. Put yourself in your manager’s shoes – is it something they want to hear or need to know?

11. Tell me about your experience and capabilities with a technology/tool/domain.

  • Don’t give one-sentence answers. Your answer should take 1-2 minutes and be validated with examples and facts. Use the STAR framework to describe Situations which prove your expertise in the technology/tool/domain.
  • If you are a daily-rate contractor, just be honest and say 'the money' (with a smile).

12. Tell me about when you have used methodologies/frameworks/standards/formal processes.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase relevant Situations.
  • Before you answer this question, ask what methodologies/frameworks/standards the Employer uses so you can focus your answers.

13. Describe relevant projects you have worked on.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase relevant Projects.
  • Details and facts make stories real. Do your homework and know as many details as possible about past projects. If you are asked to describe the methodology or technology stack, answering with ‘I can’t remember’ does not impress.

14. Describe your experience dealing with onshore and offshore third-party service providers.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase Situations or Projects.
  • Demonstrate lessons you learnt from this experience. Make sure you describe challenges faced and how you overcame them.

15. Describe your experience in the industry. For example: telco, banking, mining and e-commerce.

  • Your answer needs to demonstrate that you understand the unique challenges faced in the industry. Use the STAR framework to showcase your examples.

16. Tell me about when you turned around a difficult client engagement.

  • An important question if you are in a client-facing role like sales, consulting or project management.
  • Use the STAR framework to showcase the Situation. The actions you took to turn this situation around are just as important as the result.

17. Describe your success managing difficult/senior stakeholders.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation. It’s usually OK to make ‘mistakes’ if you show that you learnt from the experience (be careful doing this though).
  • The golden rule is that the customer (or your manager) must always think they are right. Personal pride has no place in this answer. Effective answers make the stakeholder think they came up with the solution themselves (thus giving them ownership). Remember never to discredit past bosses.

18. How do you handle high pressure environments? Give me an example when you have managed stress.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation. Don’t discuss the time you ran screaming from the building. Better examples relate to completing difficult projects and achieving challenging SLA/KPIs.
  • This question is a warning sign that it is probably a high-pressure environment – ask questions to find out causes and expectations.