IT Specialist CV’s
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19. How would you deal with too many people asking you for resources/commitments/outcomes? How do you stop being stretched?

  • Communication, communication, communication. Make sure everyone knows what to expect. Always do what you say you are going to. Clarify expectations, push back if necessary and use the chain of command if things get nasty.
  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a relevant Situation to make your answer more authentic.

20. Describe a time at work when you have used your initiative.

  • A very popular question. Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation where you have added value, been more efficient or helped colleagues (without negatively impacting own work).

21. Describe a heavily process-orientated environment you have worked in. What did you like/dislike about it?

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a relevant Role, Project or Situation. Remember not to discredit process in an interview – it’s how big organisations keep control.

22. How do you manage process/bureaucracy and overcome road blocks? What do you think of process/documentation when it impacts delivery? Describe your relevant experience.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation. It’s unlikely the employer is looking a maverick or bulldozer so, unless you are a sales gun or heavy-hitting exec, make sure you stick to the process and escalate the situation if necessary.
  • This question suggests the environment may be regulated, political or lacking adequate documentation. Ask the interviewer questions to find out more and understand their expectations.

23. How do you close off an assignment/task/project?

  • Relate your answer to the company’s frameworks, systems, standards and methodologies (e.g. PMBOK, Altiris or ITIL). Ask questions before you answer if you don’t know what they use.

24. What is the riskiest thing that you have done?

  • Large companies are very risk adverse. Smaller companies will often accept a level of risk in exchange for initiative.
  • Make sure you explain how you removed the risk after you created it.

25. Describe a situation/time you have had to work with a difficult colleague/manager.

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation. Never take the law into your own hands and always engage the chain of command to get advice.

26. How do you overcome challenges?

  • Use the STAR framework to showcase a Situation (like deadlines, KPIs or a difficult client). Best to use an example that you may encounter in this role (provided you are confident of your answer).

27. What types of environments do you like/not like working in?

  • Good answers depend on what the employer is offering. If you want something they can’t give, you may be considered a ‘flight risk’.
  • For likes, describe something similar to their environment (this question is a good reason to ask questions early in the interview/process and not wait until the end).
  • For dislikes, ‘micro-management’ is probably the most common answer. If their environment is process or sales focused, you might shoot yourself in the foot if you give this answer.


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